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What Does A Real Estate Attorney Do & When Do You Need One?

Buying a home can be quite unfamiliar, and it’s important to hire a real estate attorney if you need help navigating the legal process. A real estate lawyer can advise you on issues such as how to make an offer on a home and what information you’ll need to include in that offer. They also can guide you through the details of closing on your house, including obtaining title insurance and inspecting the property prior to closing.

Real Estate Lawyers: An Overview

Whether you’re buying or selling, the state of South Carolina requires you to have a real estate attorney present at closing. A real estate attorney will represent your interests at closing, reviewing all documentation in advance and advising on any potential problems.

What Real Estate Law Covers

Real estate law is a complicated area of the legal profession. It covers everything from drafting real estate contracts to representing clients in court on land use and zoning issues. Real estate lawyers must have an understanding of state and local statutes, as well as case law that pertains to all issues related to real property.

The Attorney’s Responsibilities

A real estate attorney will play a vital role in the buying and selling process. A real estate attorney is will prepare and review documents such as purchase agreements, mortgage documents, title documents and transfer documents. A real estate attorney hired to handle a transaction will always attend the closing with the buyer.

When purchasing a home, an attorney or paralegal may be needed to complete the closing on the property. Real estate attorneys and paralegals may write, review and edit documents, draft contracts, and oversee the transfer of funds. In addition, they can help you resolve disputes that arise during property sales or purchases.

When You Need A Real Estate Attorney

The state laws governing how real estate transactions are conducted can vary significantly depending on where you live. As previously mentioned, South Carolina requires a real estate attorney to supervise real estate transactions and be present at closing. So if you are buying or selling a home in this state, you will need to hire a real estate attorney, like Grand Strand Law Group!

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