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Probate Court: What You Should Know

When a loved one passes away, their property moves to probate court to oversee the distribution to the appointed person. Probate court is a legal procedure that takes place when a judge appoints someone to ensures the deceased person’s debts are paid and their property and assets are dispersed to the proper beneficiaries. 

When There’s No Will

If a person passes away without a will in place, their property is then distributed to there the next of kin determined by the state. In this case, South Carolina’s intestate law will appoint the deceased person’s next of kin, whether that’s a surviving spouse, parents, siblings, children, etc. In many cases, the law of intestate succession acts as the will if you have one. 

When There Is A Will

If a person passes away with a will, then their appointed representative or executor will take on the role of the probate administer and will fulfill the wishes of the deceased. In all states, if there is a surviving spouse, they’re entitled to a portion of the property being distributed. 

In order to save money and limit stress, it’s best to seek the legal counsel of one of our Myrtle Beach probate administration attorneys before the probate process begins. Overall, our legal team here at Grand Strand Law Group wants to make sure you understand everything that happens after a loved one passes away. It’s our goal to help our clients find the most cost-effective and efficient way to probate a loved one’s estate and help individuals fulfill the executor duties. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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