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If you’re putting thought into the best estate planning solution for your assets, you may have considered forming a Trust for your children and/or grandchildren. A Trust can be a great option to protect your intentions for your estate, while providing for your family. However, a Trust is not always the best solution for every estate plan. Consider the following pros and cons of setting up a Trust for your heirs:   PROS Trusts are

When a “Will” is Not a Will

Posted by grandstrandlaw on April 10, 2018

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Most people think of a “Will” simply as a document that expresses their wishes of who should inherit their property after they pass. However, every state, including South Carolina, has specific statutory laws that impose certain requirements in order for a Will to be valid and enforceable. If a Will is not validly executed, then it will not be enforceable. If an individual does not have an enforceable Will, their property will be passed on
If you are the Personal Representative of a Will or a family member or friend of a recently deceased individual, you may be wondering what types of situations necessitate a probate court action and whether you will need to hire a lawyer. Perhaps the first most important factor on how your loved one’s estate will be administered is whether or not they died with a valid Will in place. Probating an estate WITH a Will
If you have been appointed as the Executor of a Will—or a “Personal Representative” as the position is known in South Carolina—you might be wondering what your responsibilities are and what you should be careful of. In this article, we will address some of the common concerns for first-time Personal Representatives. Personal Liability If you are appointed as an Executor, you have a choice to accept the appointment or seek to be relieved of your
You’re an adult. You work, pay bills, and make your own decisions. You have car insurance and a savings account. In your day-to-day life, you have things relatively under control. But what if something happened to you? Have you made a plan for how your affairs should be handled in the unfortunate event that you become unable to express your wishes? Who would have the ability to sign your checks to pay your bills? Do
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