North Myrtle Beach SC Real Estate Lawyers and Closing Attorneys

Angie Knight and The Grand Strand Law Group understands how important it is to have good representation when buying or selling a piece of real estate. We are competent in South Carolina law that pertains to attorneys and lawyers and how closing a residential or commercial real estate purchase needs to be transacted. Grand Strand Law Group will handle all necessary documents and the title search and make sure all funds are allocated and disbursed diligently.

Choose the Right North Myrtle Beach SC Real Estate Lawyer

We have an array of different real estate closing transactions we participate in. Whether you are using a lender to secure a piece of real estate or you are transferring liquid assets to purchase we can provide the following services when closing a real estate transaction: Title examination, lender document review, title insurance issuance, closing documents, and disbursement of funds. Our approach to your real estate transaction is long term. We want you to be secure in your investment for years to come without any encumbrances. Grand Strand Law is here to protect your interest!

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