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Probate Administration

When a loved one passes away, his or her assets must go through a probate process in order to transfer title. If the decedent has no will, then title is passed under South Carolina’s intestate laws. If there is a will, then his or her will is proven valid by law and the estate is administered and distributed by a personal representative. At Grand Strand Law Group, LLC, we recognize how difficult this time may be for you and your family, and we want to help you make the probate process as easy as possible.

Since establishing our Myrtle Beach law firm in 2009, lawyer Angie D. Knight has been assisting personal representatives and families in Horry County and Georgetown County with effectively navigating the South Carolina probate process.

If a loved one who has passed away had a valid will, an appointed personal representative, or executor, will take on probate administration tasks that will ultimately fulfill requests your loved one made in the will. The duties may include:

  • Collecting the decedent’s assets;
  • Liquidating assets;
  • Paying necessary taxes and liabilities;
  • Distributing property to heirs; and
  • Other administrative or distributive tasks

Seeking the legal counsel of an experienced and qualified Myrtle Beach probate administration attorney prior to beginning the probate process can save a family both time and money.

Attorney Angie D. Knight has a comprehensive understanding of probate administration and state laws surrounding the probate process. With this knowledge, she is able to help our clients find the most cost-effective and efficient way to probate a loved one’s estate and help individuals fulfill the executor duties, as listed above.

We want to ensure that you avoid all liabilities associated with your role as a personal representative. In addition, our firm can help you understand what happens when a loved one passes away without a will, also known as intestate.

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