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Conservatorship Proceedings

One aspect of elder law and estate planning that often confuses people is when and how to use guardianship and conservatorship appointments properly. At Grand Strand Law Group, LLC, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, we pride ourselves on being able to explain these legal tools clearly to our clients.

We form close bonds with our clients so we can help them make informed decisions regarding whether a guardianship or conservatorship would fit their situation. We also help with every step of the process, answering questions whenever they arise and always looking for ways to prevent disputes, stress and any additional costs. If someone does not have a power of attorney in place that specifies who can make these kinds of decisions, we can help you have a guardian and/or conservator appointed who will oversee medical care, finances, and other daily decisions regarding living conditions.

  • Guardianship: A guardianship can be set into place when a person is not capable of making his or her own medical or personal decisions. Guardianships are often sought for minors and adults who are mentally and physically disabled as well as people who are no longer competent to care for themselves due to illness or an accident. A guardian is court-appointed after a petition is made to the Court and the guardian’s actions will be overseen by the Court.
  • Conservatorships are set up to help protect the assets and finances of those who are not capable of handling these decisions. Just like a guardianship, an appointed conservator must report to the Court with timely updates, take direction from the Court and act in the best interest of the person who needs assistance. A conservatorship may also be used when a minor receives a settlement in a personal injury case and the funds need to be protected from frivolous spending.

Our attorney, Angie D. Knight can help you have a guardian or conservator appointed for a loved one who needs this type of assistance. Whether you need to appoint a Guardian or Conservator or want to ask the court to end or change the terms, we can help you plan and execute the right steps to achieve your goals and protect your loved ones.

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