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Below are a few reviews from satisfied Grand Strand Law Group clients:

“In August of 2011, I contacted Angie Knight with Grand Strand Law Group to assist me with collecting money owed to my business from Freestyle Music Park which was then in Bankruptcy. If you know anything at all about bankruptcy, you know that it is not easy to get paid once that happens. Grand Strand Law Group quickly acted on my behalf filing two actions in Magistrate’s Court which totaled about 5,000 each. Angie was helpful and knowledgeable in the steps needed to collect our unpaid balance and she made the process less stressful and was quick with the results. We were paid in full from Freestyle Music Park by December 2011, only 3 months after initial contact for payment. To my knowledge only ONE other business received payment from Freestyle besides me. Without that payment, our season would have been ruined. I now use Grand Strand Law Group for all of my personal and business legal needs and highly recommend them to anyone who wants efficient and professional dealings.”
– Stephanie Fulton – All Star Talent, Inc

“[Angie Knight] created a Vacation Rental Contract for me some time last summer. I wanted to let her know that it has saved my bacon at least three (3) times since then! All of it surrounds her placing a required “Owner Signature” as the last signature to the document. In today’s world, no one bothers to thank anyone. I suspect this is especially true for lawyers. So I wanted to stop my day, take a second, and thank her for her expertise.”
– Melanie K. Morris

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