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Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Many homeowners in the Myrtle Beach area lease their property out to individuals or families. Sometimes they do so under form leases – that may or may not be clear. Sometimes there is no lease. A problem arises and the landlord wants to evict the tenant. What should a landlord do? Look to the lease, if there is one, and the law. Both need to be complied with to obtain a valid eviction in Magistrate’s Court. The best solution – hire Grand Strand Law Group to advise you of your rights and to guide you through the eviction process.

In addition to representing landlords, we also represent tenants. Although this is a landlord friendly state, there are some protections built into the law for tenants. If you feel that your landlord is breaching your lease or evicting you without cause, call Grand Strand Law Group.

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