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Appellate Practice

Our attorneys have experience in appellate practice and know how to write a winning brief. Regardless of whether your case involves a family law matter or complicated business law dispute, our attorneys can review the record to determine if there is an appealable issue. If there is an appealable issue, our attorneys will aggressively appeal your case – whether before the Circuit Courts of the State of South Carolina, South Carolina Court of Appeals or the South Carolina Supreme Court. Similarly, our attorneys are ready to respond aggressively to an appeal as well.

Writing an appellate brief is an art-form. It requires a complex set of skills – different from those required to litigate a case. Our attorneys have that skill set – an ability to thoroughly review the record, research the law and write a persuasive brief. Schedule a meeting with Grand Strand Law Group today to determine whether we can assist you in appealing your case or defending against an appeal.

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