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How To Avoid Probate Court In South Carolina

When a loved one passes away and they leave all their assets to a family member(s), all of the assets move to probate court which can be a stressful process for a grieving family. There’s no surprise many families choose to plan their estate early to avoid any hassle of going through probate court. Our goal here at Grand Strand Law Group is to help families of all ages plan their estate so they can avoid a loved ones assets having to go through probate. 

In South Carolina, a trust is a sure fire way to ensure your assets don’t go through probate court. There are many types of trust for a variety of different reasons. Here at GSLG, we’ll help you create a trust based on the assets you own, then help you transfer the ownership of your assets to said trust to ensure your property is protected by the terms you set. 

The most important part of creating a trust is naming the successor trustee, or the person who will take over as the trustee after your passing. Since all of your assets are owned by the trust you create, they won’t be subject to probate court after your passing.

While having assets pass through probate court isn’t a bad thing, it can create added tension and stress for the grieving family since they are left to divvy up what’s been left behind. Our legal team here at Grand Strand Law Group would be more than happy to sit down with and start the process of planning your estate. We’re also here to help answer any questions you may have about trusts, probate court, and the estate planning process in its entirety. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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