Horry County Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Did You Fall Down and Suffer an Injury?

It is common for us to slip while in the office, home, shopping center or anywhere else, but little do you know that when you get injured because of a slip and fall case, you may need a doctor and a slip and fall accident attorney in Horry County SC.

Whose Fault Is It? And What Should You Do about it?

For the uninitiated, it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the premises of the property are well maintained and repaired when necessary. Sometimes the property owner has not repaired his establishment because of lack of time or money- or perhaps carelessness.  If, because of any such negligence, you slip and fall and get injured, you have a right to demand compensation for your medical expenses and other expenses incurred from the injury sustained during the fall. However, without the help of an experienced, slip and fall accident attorney  Horry County SC you may not get what you deserve.

What Are the Numbers for Slip and Fall Accidents?

As per the reports of National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), over 8 million hospital emergency admissions are a result of a slip and fall case. Out of which, over 5% of people suffer from a fractured bone. The other consequences of slip and fall cases are a head injury, back injury and even death. Our Horry County slip and fall accident attorneys help slip and fall victims in South Carolina. We ensure that the compensation you get is enough to cover your medical bills, loss of income and other expenses due to the accident.

Grand Strand Law Group Will Pick You Up When You Fall…

At Grand Strand Law Group, we help you receive your justified compensation. Our expert slip and fall accident attorney hold years of experience in dealing with slip and fall cases and have many satisfied clients in their pool. As an experienced personal injury law firm, we hold compassion as well as aggression to fight for your right and get you the due compensation. With our accident lawyers you may rest assured that you will be treated with fair and justified practices.  We’ve got your back. 

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