Contested & Uncontested Divorce Attorney Horry County SC

When a marriage ends it can unleash an extreme emotional reaction including anxiety, anger and fear. At Grand Strand Law Group we understand that these feelings can rise up and catch you off guard when you least expect it. This is a time in your life when you need to know you are legally supported through this journey.  Our Family Law attorneys handle your case with care.  So, be rest assured we will be protecting your best interest.

We have found that being kind to yourself is very beneficial when going through divorce. When people are kind and have compassion its proven that they get through the day to day divorce difficulties better. Try not the think of divorce in the context of a battle.

Divorce Mediation is can be an excellent alternative to being in a formal courtroom proceeding.  We find that people that try to work things out themselves tend to feel self-defeated and experience the same feelings and emotions during the divorce negotiations. Mediation can can create satisfaction with spousal relationships and children. 

Grand Strand Law Group offers contested and uncontested divorce services in the following cities:

Myrtle Beach SC

North Myrtle Beach SC

Little River SC

Garden City SC

Surfside Beach SC

Conway SC

Cherry Grove SC

Atlantic Beach SC Family law services can also encompass the following: Child Custody, Child Support and Alimony and will all be part of our initial consultation. Grand Strand Law Group will be thorough to make sure your representation is whole.

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